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   The Original photo is a grey and white 4 x 6. The faces are barely discernable.  There are lots of scratches in the original glossy finish.  
                                                                          In the second photo, I have cropped the image, clarified it, removed the scratches  and and enlarged it to 4x6.

The 3rd photo, cropped and clarified again,  shows the faces that were so hard to see in the original.

          For double treatment (cropped & enlarged twice as in these pics) the cost is $10.00 per original photo submitted.  For best results, have your original photo scanned at 300 dpi and saved as a .tiff rather than a jpeg.  Lower dpi or jpegs will work, but not give you the clarity seen in these pics. You can send it to me as an attachment. I will send you a paypal bill. 
          You can also request enlargements of any size. Single treatment of a photo is $7.00 per pic. Additional treatments are $5.00